Nashville Business Journal: Chef Sean Brock reveals restaurant for massive downtown project

January 15, 2020

As a self-proclaimed nerd obsessed with the history of American dining, Sean Brock couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put one of his restaurants inside a hotel.

Brock said he has spent years studying chefs and cuisine from the 19th century, a time he described as America “finding its way and differing itself from Europe,” and a “moment of extreme playfulness and creativity.”

That made partnering with the Grand Hyatt Nashville, part of downtown’s sprawling Nashville Yards project, to create and operate their yet-to-be-named signature restaurant an easy decision for the James Beard Award-winning chef.

“The result was a dining experience that was a lot of fun,” Brock told the Business Journal of his studies of 19th century dining. “It was very comfortable. It focused on making the guest feel like the most special person in the entire world, like a king or a queen for a day.”

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